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Monthly Archives: February 2008

an award show in a befuddled mall
(see the raised eyebrows on the gold-plated cupids)

an after-party
free beer free wine

pale hors d’ouvres
lumpia rissoles egg rolls

too much mayo

conversations into the heat of early morning

o fake palm trees
invade the sun!

a dip in an unheated pool with yr shoes on
(yr expensive handmade water-based glued vegetable-dyed cydwoq classics)

the next day spent lifting tea cups with yr hand shaking from detritus of fun
no fun

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sms_network1.JPGkarena ex pacarku datang aku buru-buru menghapus sms darimu yang membalas sms-ku yang ku kirim pas mabuk malam2 tapi aku masih ingat pun isinya mungkin hampir kata per kata begini: hey ya, i typed my reply but couldnt send it 4 i was fast asleep miss chatting w/ u yesterday n uve made me miss jkt even more where were you?

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dormatador - guardian reader holiday offers promo

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then u can solve perennial problems like hv i been bugging her too much about this proposed meeting?

but shes the one who came up with the idea!

yeah then u just yank it out of yer pocket and do the calculus.

nothings is unsolveable when uve got gadgets in yer pocket.

when uve got the answers to the world in yer pocket.

just make sure mamees sewn the holes shut for when its a rainy day.